Month: December 2018

Dec 11 2018

Sample Letter To The Minister of Forest

Given the number of people who read my last post, it is clear that the message resonated with many of you. But, more than that, I want our message to resonate with those who are in a position to do something to preserve watersheds, maintain slope stability, and protect all whose futures depend on undisturbed…

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Dec 7 2018

The Watershed Sentinel

The Watershed Sentinel is an amazing source of information for people who are concerned about social and environmental justice. The September/October 2018 issue has an article about Professional Reliance written by the BC Coalition for Forestry Reform. It is a discussion of Mark Haddock’s Final Report of the Review of Professional Reliance in Natural Resource…

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Dec 5 2018

Working together toward a goal.

I believe that when people decide to work together toward a goal, that the group’s whole must be greater than the sum of its parts. A synergy can be created if people direct their passion, their knowledge and their efforts in the same direction. The directors of Save Our Holmes Society have taught me so…

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