Month: March 2019

Mar 31 2019

Peas are good for your health…and the environment.

The Canada Food Guide says that peas are good for your health; among other yummy foods, of course. Also, we should make water our drink of choice. There are some other P’s that are good for your health too. We at “Save Our Holmes” talk about the 4 P’s: PROTECTING the watershed, PREVENTING slides caused…

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Mar 29 2019

Forest March – Saturday April 6, 2019

Join us on Saturday April 6 at 10:00 AM at the parking lot by Arbutus Park in Youbou. We are joining many groups in BC who are concerned about the state of our forests and watersheds. We will take a gentle hike, snap some photos and return for lunch. Burritos and Sundaes! Lunch is free…

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Mar 23 2019

Alarm bells!!

You know that ringing that you’ve been hearing? You can cancel your trip to the eye, ear, nose and throat doctor, because I’ve just found out the cause of your symptoms…alarm bells. I received this message yesterday from TimberWest/Mosaic: ”… wanted to give you a heads up that near the end of April we will…

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Mar 15 2019

B.C. has greenlighted the logging of 314 new cutblocks

VANCOUVER – B.C. has greenlighted the logging of 314 new cutblocks in the critical habitat of southern mountain caribou across the province in the past four months alone. The shocking discovery made by the Wilderness Committee is prompting the organization, along with Greenpeace Canada, to call on Catherine McKenna, federal minister of environment and climate…

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