Month: May 2019

May 30 2019

Mosaic’s Statement on the CVRD’s Geohazard study

Here is Mosaic’s response to the report on the CVRD’s Geohazard study. It was sent to the YCA from Pam Jorgenson at Mosaic.: MOSAIC FOREST MANAGEMENT STATEMENT ON CVRD GEOHAZARD STUDY submitted by Pam Jorgensen, Mosaic Forest Management Mosaic Forest Management is one of the property owners affected by the contents of the CVRD Geohazard…

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May 26 2019

Article to Share: The closure of the Youbou Sawmill, 10 years later

This article might shed some light on the history of Youbou as a mill town. But it also lays out how the relationship between loggers and environmentalists is not such an “us and them” issue as some might perceive. It was written 10 years after the mill closure, but is just as true today as…

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May 23 2019

Video: Hazard Report Opinions…

Take your vitamins before you view this video, especially the part with Klaus Kuhn and Domenico Iannidinardo’s opinion of the Hazard Report, the climate emergency and slides on Mount Holmes and Mount Good.

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May 13 2019

Meeting – Thursday, May 23 at 6:30

We have just heard from Area I director Klaus Kuhn that there will be a meeting at the Youbou Community Hall on Thursday, May 23 at 6:30 to give us the results of the Torrent Flow Assessment. The information will no doubt guide Save Our Holmes Society as we continue our opposition to any logging…

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May 8 2019

Video: Can we justify the continued logging of old-growth?

Thank you Sonia for defending old growth trees. Minister Donaldson’s response is shameful.

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