Month: July 2019

Jul 29 2019

A friend and defender of the Cowichan River.

Joe Saysell, a friend and defender of the Cowichan River wrote this letter. His knowledge and love of the river is strong. Please read and share widely. June 30, 2019 Mr. Doug Donaldson, Minister Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. V8V 2L8 Dear Sir: I am once again writing…

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Jul 28 2019

Charred forests not growing back as expected in Pacific Northwest, researchers say.

Domenico Iannidinardo wondered why I was concerned so much about logging, when we met with him last summer. At the time, I said I was worried about the time between logging and the time that the trees grew back. Well, this article has given me cause to worry, because, it appears, they might not be…

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Jul 21 2019

Today in Lake Cowichan

Today in Lake Cowichan. The Cowichan River is designated as a Heritage River, which means it is to be conserved and protected as one of the the best examples of Canada’s river heritage, The Cowichan River is to be given national recognition and Canadians are encouraged to enjoy and appreciate it. Today, this special river…

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Jul 21 2019

Private Managed Forest Land Program Review

Deadline for responding is tomorrow! Super important to let the government know where you stand! July 22nd, 2019 Visit This Page:

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Jul 15 2019

We do all this because…

Why do average citizens, with ordinary lives to live, have to make the case to a logging company that their plans to log the steep slopes above their community are dangerous? Why do we have to seek out expert advice, pore over public documents, go door to door, put up signs, reach out to groups…

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Jul 9 2019

A message from Pam Jorgenson at Mosaic:

Hello All, Just wanted to let you all know that we will have geotechnical crews starting the detailed terrain stability assessments above Youbou mid next week (estimated start is July 17). They will be drilling core samples, so there may be minor noise and activity noted by local residents. This activity is related exclusively to…

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Jul 8 2019

I read this…Then I wrote this.

Premier Horgan,

I am writing from Youbou, in the territory of the Cowichan People.
In March, your Forestry Minister announced that he will allow clear cutting of ancient forests. I was incredulous, disgusted and furious then and remain so today.

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