Month: April 2020

Apr 29 2020

Planet of the Humans

Last night we watched “Planet of the Humans”. There was a lot of information to process, ponder and pursue. The take home message for me? Changing methods of creating energy is like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic until we change our world view. And by “we” I mean individuals, communities, governments, businesses and countries.…

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Apr 13 2020


Our New Signs are here!  

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Apr 5 2020

New Marker Tape

Lisa Switzer Hamilton writes that there is new marker tape all over the top of their property. I will contact the person at Mosaic who can give me information about this. Over the last three years, TimberWest/Mosaic has presented a series of plans to the residents of Youbou. I am extremely concerned that they might…

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Apr 1 2020

Mother Nature

Do you ever get the feeling that Mother Nature has pressed the “reset” button? The very idea of summer with its images of carefree days spent outdoors with friends and family seems so very far away right now. Despite the circumstances in which we find ourselves though, there are those who have been getting ready…

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