Month: December 2020

Dec 16 2020

Dear Minister Conroy,

Dear Minister Conroy, Our neighbourhood forest in Youbou is what Mosaic Forestry calls a “working forest”. Its job is to grow for a few decades until it is clear cut. But our “working forest” is moonlighting! It is capturing, storing, and slowly releasing clean water from watersheds to the many creeks that flow into Cowichan…

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Dec 8 2020

Save Our Holmes pamphlets

Jim was posting some mail today when he saw our letter carrier dump copies of the December newsletter in the recycling bin at the post office. He came home and told me about it, thinking perhaps it was a few left over from the 663 that were to be delivered to the community. Since we…

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Dec 1 2020

Dear Mosaic Forestry

Dear Mosaic Forestry, Do you remember this scene? It’s your handiwork from a few years back. You called this massive clear cut “outside your policy”. We call it an example of destructive logging practices and a shocking lack of concern for environmental and aesthetic values. We can most certainly be forgiven if we are skeptical…

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