Month: July 2021

Jul 25 2021

Timber Harvesting Issues

Since TimberWest/Mosaic is going ahead with 4 (count ’em!) cutblocks on Mts. Holmes and Good, this is probably a good time to think about restoration of natural spaces after they’ve been disrupted by logging. There’s absolutely no one more qualified to talk about this topic than Dave Polster, a world expert in restoration. This powerpoint…

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Jul 23 2021

Brochure from Mosaic

I just received the brochure from Mosaic, who made sure to let the community know how many people attended their Zoom meeting. (Was that to convey the impression that very few people cared about whether or not the mountains are logged?) Just asking. The many concerned citizens at in-person meetings have not left the community;…

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Jul 20 2021

Our watershed

Youbou is a small community about an hour away from Victoria BC. Our watershed is on private property. Mosaic Forestry (TimberWest) owns it. Our only source of drinking water is an unconfined aquifer on the mountain slated to be logged. Logging puts streams and creeks at risk of redirection and disruption. The increase in debris…

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Jul 6 2021

“What is your moral obligation?”

BC is drying up. And our government is allowing logging companies to liquidate forests. Forests…the storage system for all these sources of life-giving water. Why isn’t this a crime? Why aren’t laws being changed? And why do the biologists, foresters, hydrologists and all the other scientists that work for companies like TimberWest carry on as…

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Jul 5 2021


Molly Hudson, Director of Sustainability at Mosaic says, “ Each year at our Mt Newton Seed Orchard we produce enough seed for 10 million seedlings and we plant nearly 12 million on our lands each year. It’s important that these trees be healthy and resilient to the impacts of climate change for at least 60…

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