Month: November 2021

Nov 26 2021

Harvesting within the Hyacinthe Creek watershed

We know we’re not alone in this critical campaign to save watersheds from logging that begins with logging roads and continues all the way to the ocean. Rod Burns from Quadra Island shared this letter his group wrote to Domenico Iannindinardo at Mosaic (TimberWest): Attention: Domenico Iannidinardo, Vice President, Forest & Logistics and Chief Forester…

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Nov 22 2021

Cottonwood Creek

After seeing the mouth of Cottonwood Creek, with knee-high silt deposits that are so harmful to fish, and a huge debris pile that has altered the creek, I again wonder why destructive forestry practices are permitted to continue. I’d like someone to point me to an independent, objective scientific study that indicates there is no…

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Nov 19 2021

Rains that caused flooding and loss throughout BC

After the devastating rains that caused flooding and loss throughout BC, the overwhelming feelings of grief will be compounded by the urgent need to clean-up, restore and replace what the flood waters took away. It took less than two days to bring a virtual halt to the infrastructure we rely on to bring goods and…

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