Month: February 2022

Feb 24 2022

How would you feel?

Let’s imagine you are sitting in your favourite chair, reading a fantastic book one cold and rainy day, when you hear water dripping onto the floor beside you. You rush to get a bucket, set it under the leak and call the roofer. You are so relieved when a truck pulls up and you hear…

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Feb 22 2022

Day of Action for Just Transition – Cowichan Climate Hub

Climate Chaos is barreling down on us. We need immediate action and leadership by all levels of government for a rapid and JUST TRANSITION away from fossil fuels. Join us outside MP Alistair MacGregor’s office March 12 at 1pm to imagine forward into that just transition and celebrate the opportunities and jobs that come with…

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Feb 13 2022

Big logs, small logs and everything in between

84 logging trucks passed through Youbou in one day. That’s a heck of a lot of trees that won’t be around to store carbon as the climate emergency deepens. They won’t be here to cool the local environment in the next heat dome. Nor will they capture and slowly release the incredible amounts of rain…

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