I felt compelled to respond to Mr. Morrison and Mr. Kuhn’s attacks on environmentalists at the Lake Cowichan Chamber of Commerce AGM. I hope these two gentlemen would agree that increasing pressures on our watersheds have impacted the Cowichan and Koksilah Rivers and Cowichan Lake.

The necessity to build a new weir to the tune of millions of dollars is a stark reminder that we need to rethink the way we plan and implement any action that increases the burden on our watersheds, lakes and rivers.

How can we advocate a “business as usual” policy and expect a different result? How can we promote the kinds of development that increase demands on watersheds and not expect a crisis?

Environmentalism is not a hobby or a secret society. It is a way of thinking and acting that is truly sustainable.

As for being “an enemy within” and “semi-secret quasi political organizations” as Mr. Morrison called environmentalists, I will remind him that all societal changes begin at a grass roots level and then move to the political institutions where they become codified and protected.

Mr. Kuhn says that environmentalists are not out to save the world, but only desire power. I consider myself an environmentalist and I can assure him that I have only one desire: to leave the world a better place for future generations.

I find it helpful to think of this issue in this way: If in our own households we wasted the food we bought, didn’t make repairs, destroyed our furniture, didn’t save for a rainy day or didn’t keep things clean, we’d be sick and broke.

You can’t replace a watershed, buy a new river or order a fish and wildlife habitat from Amazon. If we don’t tread more lightly on this planet, we’ll be more than just sick and broke; we’ll be homeless.

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CVRD directors from Cowichan Lake area rip into quasi political groups

CVRD Director Ian Morrison said quasi-political groups are killing projects through delay and red tape. (Warren Goulding/Gazette)
“They’re not out to save the world, they’re out to kick business.”

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