Concerned about the Lake Cowichan watershed?

The friends of Save Our Holmes are concerned about the
Lake Cowichan watershed.

Dave sends this note: “According to the “Save Our Holmes” library, Bald Mountain was clear-cut logged in 2005. A record from the BC Ministry of the Environment confirms this date. The landowner at that time did not comply to his or her forest stewardship plan in protecting the property. The private logging company did not construct the hauling road to code. The hauling road eroded from rain water runoff during the winter rain season and caused soil erosion which amounted in a significant landslide.

The soil, rock and wood debris washed down the mountain side until soil sediment, rock and other particulate debris slid into Cowichan Lake. These unacceptable logging practices contribute to the pollution of the watershed so that the town of Lake Cowichan has water warnings to boil their drinking water”

We never want to say, “We told you so!” to TimberWest. It is critical to protect Mount Holmes, Mount Good and all those whose future depends on the forest and the watershed.

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