Dr. Dave Preikshot – Cowichan Watershed Board’s monthly speaker series.

Last Thursday evening, Dr. Dave Preikshot was the first presenter of the season in the Cowichan Watershed Board’s monthly speaker series.

In a world of sound bites and info snippets, these opportunities to hear an expert share knowledge and expertise so generously provide much needed current, accurate information and context.

In our work over the past two years with Save Our Holmes Society, one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned is: Everything Is Connected.

For example, through the perspective of residents of Youbou and Meade Creek, logging harms watersheds. The cascading effects eventually harm the viability of the streams, lake, river and all whose lives depend on them.

Dr. Preikshot spoke about the intended and unintended consequences of actions people have taken. The knock-on effects have been devastating.

At one point, when talking about our addiction to phosphorus, Dr. Preikshot talked about times in the past when there was a pulse of phosphorus that entered the system. In the 1920s, logging was the cause, in the 1950’s, fertilizers were introduced. Long story short, phosphorus is responsible for blue-green algae blooms, lack of oxygen in lakes and fish die offs.

There were other examples of human activity that have had negative effects, but if Dr. Preikshot had just listed them and walked off stage, I would have gone home to bed and pulled the covers up over my head for a really long time.

But, no. He gave examples where, using current and long forgotten knowledge, eco-systems have been restored.

He filled me with hope that there can and must be a future that is blue and green….in the best possible way!

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