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Mar 13 2020

Attacks on Environmentalists

I felt compelled to respond to Mr. Morrison and Mr. Kuhn’s attacks on environmentalists at the Lake Cowichan Chamber of Commerce AGM. I hope these two gentlemen would agree that increasing pressures on our watersheds have impacted the Cowichan and Koksilah Rivers and Cowichan Lake. The necessity to build a new weir to the tune…

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Mar 5 2020


(Photograph By DARREN STONE, TIMES COLONIST) Okay…. biosolids. I was initially worried about Round-Up herbicide ending up in our drinking water and eco-system due to its use by Mosaic and other logging companies to remove broad leaf plants from their plantation forests. Now to find out that the fertilizer being used to increase growth is a…

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Feb 26 2020

Oh, yes: “#2” flows downhill…

What’s the saying? Oh, yes: “#2” flows downhill… right into our aquifers, lakes and rivers. I added the last part. But if Minister George Heyman has his way, it could soon be coming to a drinking glass near you. In a recent letter, Heyman wrote that Victoria’s biosolids strategy must include, in the long-term “a…

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Feb 17 2020

Extreme Slide Danger?

In previous years, the “EXTREME SLIDE DANGER” sign was posted prominently on the road leading to Youbou. I hadn’t seen one this year,. Slides, though, were visible in many places. The big slide that caught the couple on their way around the lake was located on a steep slope with boulders and trees dislodged by…

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Jan 5 2020

Spring flooding in B.C. may be worsened by logging practices – CBCNews

Forest companies get to determine if the benefits are greater than the risks when harvesting. The government gets to stand by and watch while clear cut logging creates floods. In the community of Youbou, damaging slides can increase up to 10 fold by these logging practices. When Mosaic says they have “no plans to log” above…

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Dec 16 2019

The Year Ahead…

At this time of the year and this time in the life of our planet, many are seeking hope. They look to mentors and heroes for wisdom and inspiration. Nelson Mandela is that person for me: “It is music and dancing that makes me feel at peace with the world and with myself.” May you…

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Dec 12 2019

A Sierra Club BC Report On The Future Of Forests In British Columbia.

Clear cutting is not sustainable; not economically and not ecologically. CLEARCUT CARBON A Sierra Club BC Report On The Future Of Forests In British Columbia Jens Wieting, Senior Forest and Climate Campaigner, with mapping analysis by David Leversee In our latest report, we’ve found that ending clearcutting of forests is as important for B.C. climate…

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Dec 10 2019

The Great Bear loophole: why old growth is still logged in B.C.’s iconic protected rainforest

Please read and then give the BC government your opinion about logging old growth. The Great Bear loophole: why old growth is still logged in B.C.’s iconic protected rainforest By: Ben Parfitt – Nov 29, 2019 – Despite new ‘ecosystem-based’ rules to limit forestry, logging companies continue to find ways to harvest the largest…

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Dec 6 2019

Long-term damage from logging hits ability of Canada’s forests to regenerate.

I recently posted that forests are throwing us a life line in the climate emergency. This article tells us that forests need our help so that they can help us! Long-term damage from logging hits ability of Canada’s forests to regenerate By: The Guardian Aerial photography shows scarring left by logging operations – the vestigial…

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Nov 17 2019

Old-Growth Strategic Review – Feedback – Get Involved

It’s been a while since I last posted! I’ve been making my grandson a quilt for his 18th birthday. While sewing like the wind, my thoughts go back to all the fond memories I have from his early years. I’ve had the privilege to watch him grow into the wonderful young man he is today.…

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Oct 28 2019

Dr. Dave Preikshot – Cowichan Watershed Board’s monthly speaker series.

Last Thursday evening, Dr. Dave Preikshot was the first presenter of the season in the Cowichan Watershed Board’s monthly speaker series. In a world of sound bites and info snippets, these opportunities to hear an expert share knowledge and expertise so generously provide much needed current, accurate information and context. In our work over the…

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Oct 22 2019

Road Trip Planning

When I go on a trip, I plan my itinerary, check for road closures, fill the tank with gas, pack my bags and ask my neighbours to bring in my mail. Then I get in the car and go! Mosaic had two open houses. The one where they were proposing to build a by-pass road.…

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Oct 22 2019

From Pam Jorgenson at Mosaic:

From Pam Jorgenson at Mosaic: Hi again, I wanted to let everyone know that Mosaic will be continuing the studies commenced in the summer, in which geotechnical crews conduct detailed terrain stability assessments of the hillside around Youbou. Estimated start date for activity is the last week of October. As before, the crew will be…

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Oct 12 2019

Cowichan Watershed Board meeting on September 30th, 2019

Jim and I attended the latest Cowichan Watershed Board meeting on September 30. The Watershed Board “exists to provide leadership for sustainable water management and to protect and enhance environmental quality and the quality of life in the Cowichan watershed and adjoining areas.” The Board is co-chaired by the Chief of Cowichan Tribes First Nation,…

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Sep 30 2019

Our thanks to Cowichan Tribes and the Cowichan Stewardship Round Table

In my experience, the Cowichan Stewardship Round Table is a wonderful example of the term “brain trust”. But don’t take my word for it; I encourage you to come to their monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month (with the sometimes exception of July and August) from 9 am to 12 noon at…

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