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Jun 8 2019

A Letter to Premier Horgan

Dear Premier Horgan, This letter is written in Youbou, in the unceded territory of the Cowichan People. I write on behalf of the Save Our Holmes Society. We stand firmly in opposition to logging on the steep slopes above our community. The CVRD recently released a hazard assessment report that has uncovered the potential for slides…

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May 30 2019

Mosaic’s Statement on the CVRD’s Geohazard study

Here is Mosaic’s response to the report on the CVRD’s Geohazard study. It was sent to the YCA from Pam Jorgenson at Mosaic.: MOSAIC FOREST MANAGEMENT STATEMENT ON CVRD GEOHAZARD STUDY submitted by Pam Jorgensen, Mosaic Forest Management Mosaic Forest Management is one of the property owners affected by the contents of the CVRD Geohazard…

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May 26 2019

Article to Share: The closure of the Youbou Sawmill, 10 years later

This article might shed some light on the history of Youbou as a mill town. But it also lays out how the relationship between loggers and environmentalists is not such an “us and them” issue as some might perceive. It was written 10 years after the mill closure, but is just as true today as…

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May 23 2019

Video: Hazard Report Opinions…

Take your vitamins before you view this video, especially the part with Klaus Kuhn and Domenico Iannidinardo’s opinion of the Hazard Report, the climate emergency and slides on Mount Holmes and Mount Good.

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May 13 2019

Meeting – Thursday, May 23 at 6:30

We have just heard from Area I director Klaus Kuhn that there will be a meeting at the Youbou Community Hall on Thursday, May 23 at 6:30 to give us the results of the Torrent Flow Assessment. The information will no doubt guide Save Our Holmes Society as we continue our opposition to any logging…

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May 8 2019

Video: Can we justify the continued logging of old-growth?

Thank you Sonia for defending old growth trees. Minister Donaldson’s response is shameful.

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Apr 30 2019

Let’s Write A Letter

Here is my letter to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. If you wish to use parts or all of it for your own letter, please do! Personalizing it with your own thoughts even better. And a hand-written note gets more attention than an emailed one! The Honourable George Heyman’s email address is:…

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Apr 27 2019

Mosaic Forestry Admiration Society? Not yet.

One of the best ways to turn an ordinary person into an activist is to make them fearful. Fearful, for example, of losing their source of drinking water, their home, their life or the environment they are a part of. What happens next is that they look for information about how to prevent these calamities.…

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Apr 16 2019

The right choice

People make choices and then find ways to convince themselves that they’ve made the right choice. That’s what gets us through a life that is filled with choices. We can’t be always second guessing or regretting a decision we’ve made. We’d be living in a state of constant uncertainty! Most of our choices don’t have…

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Apr 15 2019

Thanks to Cathy and Evy!

Thanks to Cathy and Evy for letting me know that they’ve started the Save Our Holmes letter writing chain. I’ve asked people to write a letter expressing our concerns for the watershed, the habitat and the lives and property of Youbou and Meade Creek residents.

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Apr 14 2019

A Letter To Doug Donaldson

The following is my letter to Doug Donaldson, written in response to a request for letters from the Ancient Forest Alliance, Sierra Club BC and the Wilderness Committee regarding the government’s policy of logging old growth trees: April 14, 2019 Dear Mr. Donaldson, I felt compelled to write after I read that your government is…

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Apr 13 2019

Geo-technical work? Let’s write MORE letters.

At our last Save Our Holmes meeting, I said that we need to ensure that the concerns of the majority of Youbou and Meade Creek residents must be addressed by those who have control over TimberWest’s planned logging on Mount Holmes and Mount Good. The very fact that they are going ahead with geo-technical work…

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Apr 13 2019

From Mosaic Forest Management to Youbou residents

March 22, 2019 Dear Youbou Community, We are pleased to send our first update of 2019, and to introduce ourselves as Mosaic Forest Management: timberlands manager for Island Timberlands and TimberWest. As Mosaic, we continue to be committed to our work with the community. For Youbou residents who have worked with our TimberWest staff in…

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Apr 11 2019

Sonia Furstenau – My response to Bill 21.

Sonia Furstenau April 11 at 10:23 AM · This is my response to Bill 21, the Forest and Range Practices Amendment Act. What we need is a new vision for our forests in B.C. — a vision that creates sustainable, healthy ecosystems and sustainable, healthy communities; a vision that ensures long-term employment, not just in…

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Apr 8 2019

Forest March – Youbou, BC

Save Our Holmes members joined many other groups throughout BC who have experienced the devastation caused by unsustainable logging practices. Truly sustainable logging would not cause damage to watersheds, slopes or fish, wildlife and human habitat. In solidarity with the many many many other communities across British Columbia dealing with risky logging practices.

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