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Mar 31 2019

Peas are good for your health…and the environment.

The Canada Food Guide says that peas are good for your health; among other yummy foods, of course. Also, we should make water our drink of choice. There are some other P’s that are good for your health too. We at “Save Our Holmes” talk about the 4 P’s: PROTECTING the watershed, PREVENTING slides caused…

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Mar 29 2019

Forest March – Saturday April 6, 2019

Join us on Saturday April 6 at 10:00 AM at the parking lot by Arbutus Park in Youbou. We are joining many groups in BC who are concerned about the state of our forests and watersheds. We will take a gentle hike, snap some photos and return for lunch. Burritos and Sundaes! Lunch is free…

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Mar 23 2019

Alarm bells!!

You know that ringing that you’ve been hearing? You can cancel your trip to the eye, ear, nose and throat doctor, because I’ve just found out the cause of your symptoms…alarm bells. I received this message yesterday from TimberWest/Mosaic: ”… wanted to give you a heads up that near the end of April we will…

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Mar 15 2019

B.C. has greenlighted the logging of 314 new cutblocks

VANCOUVER – B.C. has greenlighted the logging of 314 new cutblocks in the critical habitat of southern mountain caribou across the province in the past four months alone. The shocking discovery made by the Wilderness Committee is prompting the organization, along with Greenpeace Canada, to call on Catherine McKenna, federal minister of environment and climate…

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Feb 26 2019

A Prayer for the Environment

At the North Cowichan Council meeting on February 15, a prayer for the environment was sung by Robert from Cowichan Tribes that called upon us all to take time to really think deeply and respectfully about the important decisions that were going to be made. Then Robert told a story that had profound lessons woven…

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Feb 24 2019

Youbou & Tahsis

The area in white is the huge clear cut across Cowichan Lake from Youbou. We could be dealing with a similar mess if the same practices are followed on Mount Holmes and Mount Good. I just read the link from Martin Davis, the mayor of the village of Tahsis. They are experiencing the very same…

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Jan 1 2019

It’s time for a New Year’s resolution.

“Ring out the old, ring in the new.” When we hear this phrase, it brings to mind resolutions to end habits that are harmful and to start fresh with more functional, healthy and sustainable ways of living. We consciously track our progress, celebrate our victories and recommit when we have a set back…at least until…

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Dec 11 2018

Sample Letter To The Minister of Forest

Given the number of people who read my last post, it is clear that the message resonated with many of you. But, more than that, I want our message to resonate with those who are in a position to do something to preserve watersheds, maintain slope stability, and protect all whose futures depend on undisturbed…

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Dec 7 2018

The Watershed Sentinel

The Watershed Sentinel is an amazing source of information for people who are concerned about social and environmental justice. The September/October 2018 issue has an article about Professional Reliance written by the BC Coalition for Forestry Reform. It is a discussion of Mark Haddock’s Final Report of the Review of Professional Reliance in Natural Resource…

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Dec 5 2018

Working together toward a goal.

I believe that when people decide to work together toward a goal, that the group’s whole must be greater than the sum of its parts. A synergy can be created if people direct their passion, their knowledge and their efforts in the same direction. The directors of Save Our Holmes Society have taught me so…

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Nov 12 2018

Meet and Greet – November 24, 2018

Save Our Holmes society invites you to a Meet and Greet on Saturday, November 24 from 1:00 to 3:00 in the basement of the Youbou Community Church. Please drop by, say hello to the directors and check out the information we have regarding your ongoing concerns about TimberWest’s plans to log Mt. Holmes and Mt.…

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Oct 25 2018

Please raise your voice!

As with every organization, there is the big picture and the little details. You know what our big picture is: We stand firm in opposition to logging on Mount Holmes and Mount Good. The reasons for our position have been the bread and butter of postings on our page. Dave and Pam, who co-chair our…

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Sep 7 2018

Become a member!

Starting from three in April, Save Our Holmes Society is now a group of twelve committee members. Together with our volunteers, we have done a lot of work behind the scenes. And, as most of you have seen, a lot of work along Youbou Road! Now is the time to take it to the next…

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Jul 31 2018

A letter from Dave: How do the trees behind Youbou & Meade Creek protect us?

My wife and I are newbies to Youbou. The other day my wife said that she had met a relative of Christopher Fraser. She finally found out the rest of the story behind the Christopher Rock trail. Christopher Rock was named after Christopher Fraser who was himself, a Youbonian. I made the mistake of saying…

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Jul 20 2018

How do the trees behind Youbou & Meade Creek protect us?

My wife, our mini Dachshund ( wiener dog ) and I landed in Youbou on February 1, 2017. In August, after we spent about six months getting our house and property in order, I do remember seeing a roadside sign with the words, “SAVE OUR HOLMES”. I thought that it was one of those quirky…

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