No Blue, No Green, No Water, No Life.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks canning. It feels so good to take the fruits of the earth and preserve them for the gloomy winter days when a taste of sunshine can brighten up your whole day.

The peaches and crab apples and tomatoes will keep for just one year. But as I wait to hear the satisfying “ping” of a jar that’s sealed, I find myself thinking of a time when shelves of canned goods won’t be sufficient. When I consider the effects of the climate emergency on the watersheds that feed our lake and rivers and provide water for fish, animals, crops and people, the idea of food shortages looms large in my thoughts.

I wanted to say that I hate to be “alarmist”, but the alarm has been going off for quite a while now and too many of us don’t seem alarmed enough!

Access to pure drinking water should be a human right. It is too often privatized and is sacrificed for profits.

It must be at the centre of all decision making.

We must protect water; without it, there is no future.

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