Research to Share: by Dave Kanno

Dave Kanno, chairperson of Save Our Holmes would like to share some of his research with you:

In 1 square meter ( approximately 1 yard by 1 yard or 3 feet by 3 feet for us oldtimers ) of forest there is approximately one tree. If you take all the needles or leaves off the tree and spread them out on the ground they would cover approximately 27 square meters of area. Scientists have calculated that 1 tree can move a volume of 8000 cubic meters of water per year. The tree absorbs the water from its root system.

So what does that mean: 
Most the moisture that falls on the trees in the form of rain droplets or snow is trapped onto the needles or leaves and eventually trickles down onto the forest floor or ground beneath the tree.

This rain water or water from the melted snow gets absorbed into the soil and eventually gets absorbed into the roots of the tree and travels up through the tree’s body like our blood travels through our veins in our body.

A human body is approximately made up of 60 % of water by weight. A tree is approximately made up of 50 % of water by weight. An approximate volume of a pine telephone pole that is 10 meters ( 30 feet ) long and 1 foot ( 0.3 meters ) in diameter is 1 cubic meter. So scientists calculate that 1 tree can absorb a lot of water from the soil.

Guess what ? If you clear cut 80 % of all the trees in Mount Holmes forest, 80% of the total rainfall cannot be absorbed by the trees. So where does the rain go? It smashes onto the top soil and erodes it. The soil cannot absorb the rain fast enough because of the excess volume of water so the excess surface rain water washes the top soil down the mountain side.

The result is flooding of our homes, as well as the polluting of our salmon spawning creeks and Cowichan Lake with suspended soil particles and other debris which we call turbidity. The turbidity in water is harmful to fish’s food supply and harmful to our drinking water because of high bacteria growth.

Conclusion :

TimberWest, the residents of Youbou and Meade Creek don’t want any trees logged from the mountain forest behind our homes because it will cause flooding of our homes and the contamination of the water in our creeks and lake!

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