Restoration Expert Dave Polster: Helping Nature Heal

Dave Polster is a world expert on restoring natural spaceslafter disruptions using natural solutions after disruptions like slides related to logging. This powerpoint was recorded in 2020, released after news that TimberWest will be logging above the homes of Youbou and Meade Creek residents.

Logging Youbou hills

Mosaic Forestry is planning to log watersheds above Youbou and Meade Creek.

It's not what they say, it's what they do.

A "gentle harvest" here, a "small cut block" there et voila! Slow rolling deforestation.

Save our Holmes hiking in the forest above the community of Youbou.

We hike through the intact forest at the bottom of Mount Holmes to the clear cuts at the top.

Save Our Holmes presents a forest tour with Erik Piikkila.

A hike through the Cowichan Lake Research Forest with forest and watershed ecologist Erik Piikkila.